Castle Oliver Wedding Photography | Kathryn & Dominic

What a great couple, and great location for this wedding. Flying out the door here to a wedding. Will write more when I get back!….*I’m now back!*….had a ball working with Kathryn and Dominic and their respective extended families. Both are from the greater Charleville area. Dominic being from Newtownshandrum a hurling mecca in North Cork. A balmy summer morning greeted me as we stared at his Father’s residence where we did a tour of the yard with some family members. Then onto Kathryn’s Parent’s house, which as you can see from the photographs, had some interesting little antiquities…and some fabulous cake and tea. I had to remind myself I was working as I was drawn into long conversation with Kathryn’s family. But we made it and a Chruch service in Charleville was followed by a short drive to Castle Oliver in Ardpatrick. what a venue, the pictures speak for themselves. Amazing statues, stunning views, lakes filled with carp. I was tempted to book in! Anyway, looking forward to getting you your wedding album Kathryn, Dominic – thanks for booking.