Wedding Photography Cork | Mounted Album | 10×10 | Linda & Peter

Every photographer should have a wet wedding album to show potential clients – this is after all Ireland. Here are some images of a recent 10×10 inch (opening to 20×10 inch spread) Matted Wedding Album that was just shipped off yesterday to Colorado, USA. The Cherry Leather Cover was uniquely embossed with ‘An Irish Union 2011’, it looked great. Linda and Peter had a wet wet wet wedding at the Cliffs Of Moher on the We(s)t Coast of Ireland back in September…but that didn’t mean we couldn’t create a fabulous album! With images behind cut mats, ivory pages and a very tactile paper stock, it looked so good I was kind of sad wrapping this one up for shipment! But Linda mailed yesterday and it arrived in it’s new home, safe for generations to come. It takes a special kind of couple to dance on a bridge in the rain on their wedding day. How can I ever forget Linda & Peter’s wedding day! BT