Inchydoney Lodge Wedding Photography | Duo Album | 12×12 | Viv & Rory

Just before an album is collected I like to take some photographs of it. This is Viv and Rory’s 12×12 (opening to a 24×12 inch spread) bookbound album in Navy with cream pages. Chances are it will be the last time I’ll see it and it being the nett result of days of work from a process that may well have started years ago when the couple booked my services, it’s nice to document it. When I photograph them, it’s not really to show the images within, more to focus on the structure and build quality of them. It’s a shame when couples just get discs of images from weddings, I see it as an opportunity lost. Only an album can give context to a day, tell a story especially to, perhaps, a person who wasn’t at the actual wedding. The real joy in albums comes down the line though, when hopefully my clients will be on a rocking chair, with a grandchild on his / her / their lap(s) looking back at ‘the way we were’. And remember, albums don’t need to be plugged in and aren’t subject to the failure risks that Hard Drives and discs are prone to. Albums: I salute you. BT